Monday, May 12, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I just finished my second week as "the intern" that works on Telemetry Dashboard.

After my first blog post I got some feedback that made me switch between tasks.
Although dygraphs sounds like an option and d3 can be a pain in the ass I switched back to the latter for flexibility reasons (d3 can be pretty powerful you know:p).

I spent a day or two trying to figure out a way to make the bootstrap selectors for versions/measure take multiple versions. The selector was written "one version/measure at a time" and because all the filters were tightly linked together the code got uglier and uglier...
till my eyes almost started bleeding so I said...enough!...let's find a fast workaround...and maybe on the way we get things done even better :p 

The "right in the face" option was to add the same kind of selector for each new version dynamically. 
I needed some new elements and functionality: add/remove buttons.

This way we comply with the feature request: "add multiple versions on the same plot" and also we can add different measures for each specific version (if that might be the case).
Next step was to add a new multiple selector so that we can automatically select the submission/percentile/etc over several versions:

Next steps this week will be trying to add "the * feature", adding support  in telemetry.js for aggregating all data over all versions and some other details that at this point make sense but don't in the context of multiple versions (histogram/summary).
 If I get the time I will also like to investigate why in some cases(maybe because of the data) d3 crashes.

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