Monday, May 5, 2014

Teh foxy telemetry dashboard...a first week at Mozilla

My story starts with the Telemetry Dashboard at Mozilla...

I just started working as an intern at Mozilla for the Performance team and my first task was to improve and add some features to the Telemetry Dashboard.

Keeping the story short

Telemetry submissions gather into large files and are then uploaded to S3. The analysis framework then downloads them, unpacks them and runs an aggregation over the submissions, on file at the time.
When a set of compressed files from S3 containing telemetry submission have been aggregated. The aggregates are then merged into the a public S3 bucket.
The telemetry dashboard fetches the aggregated results from the public S3 bucket. To make it easy to consume this in a browser, everything is stored in JSON, but for storage efficiency reasons (and bandwidth) the storage format is not very intuitive.

To allow people to access the data without having to read a complicated JSON format one can use telemetry.js.  The idea is that people who write dashboards and present the results of the aggregated data should access it through this library. That way, if ever wanted one can change the serverside storage format (this is something we will be doing) and still have a working dashboard.

Usability, use cases and feature requests


Feature request one:
To see aggregated results  one has to specify channel, version and measure.
There are two plots on the side, the top one shows evolution of the measure over "build dates" or "calendar dates". It does so by plotting mean, submissions, and percentiles over time.
However, there is currently no way to show the evolution over multiple versions.
Feature request two:
It would be useful to have the latest build version as a default one so there wouldn't be an additional step of selecting from all the nightly versions to get the latest updates on the current version.
Feature request three:
Get all the the selected options as parameters in the url.
Feature request four:
Add checkAll/uncheckAll buttons so you don't need to select all the features by serial check.

First week updates


As I started looking at the code from dashboard.js and after talking to my mentor we got to the conclusion that some major changes might be needed as the dashboard itself is designed to support only one version at a time.
I started looking for some open source libraries (a nice post on this topic can be found here) and played with javascript as it is new to me. I looked at dyghaph library and it seemed like a reasonable one to use.
I started by changing the histogram evolution diagram.
 I also removed the range selector as the new diagram provides zoom in by selecting range.

Next step was to dynamically add checkboxes for selecting the specific features that we need to plot ..(that made me learn about how damn neat jquery can be :p) is not that pretty yet but it works.


I added two buttons so that checking/unchecking can be a click away for the all features selected/unselected.

By Friday I added data(test data) for several versions on the graph. (because of same duplicated series given as input the graph looks like as drawing only measures for one version but actually, if you are looking at the labels, two identical are present). 

Bottom line: I started doing some neat stuff last week an Mozilla aaaand got a foto with the Fox at the Firefox 29release :D

 This week I will be refactoring the code and I will implement the missing parts. I am pretty sure I've got a loooooot to work/learn this week :D.
BTW my live playground is hosted here.


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